Thursday, 26 March 2015

Calling out for dress donations for Project Vanuatu (Dress Distribution #92-04/2015)

Update to this callout as of 7:25pm - 26th of March.

Just a friendly reminder to the ladies who committed dresses for Project Vanuatu. I think the deadline is the 31st of March which is fast approaching. If you can please send as soon as possible or if not able to make it to please let me know so I can find the time to make the dresses. MIght be away on a business trip mid-April so I want to make sure that I have all dresses before then. If there are any issues, please leave a message here or send an email to Thank you.

Update to this callout as of 10:55pm - 14th of March.

Hi everyone, I have officially closed the call-out for 50 dresses for Project Vanuatu. Thank you so much for the overwhelming response but unfortunately the number of dresses has to stop at 50. Thank you to the following donors who committed to 3 dresses each - Monika Osvald, Frances Cornish, Toni Kirkpatrick, Pamela Thompson, Jayne Hogan, Maureen O'Brien, Nicole Parrott, Rosina Perrin, Anna Collett and Lynne Stupple. 

Please take note that all parcels should be in my postbox by the 31st of March so I have all the dresses by mid-April. If for any reason you cannot meet the deadline, please send me a message or email at to allow me more time to find an alternative. Thank you so much.

Update to this callout as of 1:40pm - 14th of March.

Just to let everyone know that Project Vanuatu is a very limited collection of 50 dresses only and not a dress more that is why I am limiting the max number to 3 per donor to give everyone who wants to contribute a chance to make a difference. The more donors of 3 each so much the better. It is more work on my part trying to organize and monitor 3 per donor but at least I get the chance to help more people make a difference. Your kindness and generosity and understanding is much appreciated. Thank you.

Update to this callout as of 12:04pm - 14th of March.

In as much as I truly appreciate your kindness and generosity, I can only accept 3 dresses per donor. In fact I might be bumping off the donations that have more than 3 in the album (Check Project Vanuatu collection below). So if you are still willing to donate only 3 and not a dress more, let me know and I will start counting. I want to have as many donors as possible even for 3 dresses each only. As of this writing, I have 2 donors who committed to 3 dresses only so that means I only need 30 dresses more from 10 donors. Thank you.

Tonight am starting a new collection of 50 dresses for the kids of a special community in Vanuatu. Am calling out for willing donors to contribute at least 3 dresses each to complete this collection. 

At this time I have already 14 dresses on this album. If you are one of those donors whose dresses are already in the album, please refrain from sending any more donations to give other ladies a chance to contribute and make a difference. Please click on the link below to check out the dresses/donors already included in this collection -
I still need at least 36 dresses. Please click here to send me a message if you would like to donate at least 3 dresses. Deadline of dresses is at the end of this month - 31st of March - all dresses should be in my postbox. For those who do not sew but still want to contribute and make a difference, please sponsor a dress here or click on the link below - You will be hitting two birds with one stone - dressing a girl in Vanuatu and at the same time giving hope to another girl in Kalagi Uganda through clean water.

Any questions, please send me an email at Thank you.

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