Monday, 16 March 2015

Petty cash replenishment for postage

Since January I have been saving up all the coins I had in my wallet (makes it heavy when there are too many coins in the bag) and been selling old books and magazines in ebay. Whenever an item gets sold in ebay I put the proceeds into my tin can. Tonight I decided to count all the coins  I had saved up and cash money earned from old books and magazine sale and have raised $26.75 since the year started.
I have a few old books and magazines left and sometime next week I will start a sale (50%) on craft books I used to sell. They are all new and I still have quite a few left unsold in a cabinet. I think it is time to get rid of them to raise money for postage. I also have a few computer games to sell too. So watch for this event coming your way very, very soon. I always say very soon as all of this depends on the time I can spare. To avoid burn-out I try to stop and go to sleep before midnight.

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