Monday, 23 March 2015

Dress A Girl Australia Updates

Just a few updates to share :
1) My focus this year is to promote Dress A Girl Australia in schools. I have spoken to a few people about this and they even proposed to donate a gold coin for every dress that they will sew which I find very relieving as it will be great help on my part as I will be able to spend more time on finding locations needing the dresses and less time raising funds. Fingers crossed this school project will be the highlight of Dress A Girl Australia this year.

2) Just to let everyone know that I am looking for ways for the dresses that you are making to be distributed by other people. (I can only distribute based on the funds I raise and due to poor sales and not enough time for me to keep on making items to sell, my distributions this year will be very, very limited.) Some refused to accept as they want cash donations, some wants to sell them so they can raised cash and some wants your dresses to be donated with cash to help them pay for the cost of distributing those dresses. So anyone who is willing to donate cash with their dresses so these people/groups can distribute your dresses, please let me know but you will need to send those dresses directly to them. I will just help in finding people who can distribute your dresses on your behalf Thank you.

3) With your help in spreading the word around, even with less and very limited number of dresses to will still help make a difference . Support Dress A GIrl Australia's online shop to help pay for the cost of running and maintaining Dress A Girl Australia's campaign to help disadvantaged kids around the world.

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Thank you . Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated.

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