Friday, 6 March 2015

Donation Acknowledgement #7/2015 - Dress Donations for Project Cabaraban CDO Philippines Batch 2

Two more parcels received for the two special collections made this month and have also added four dresses from a previous donation. The distribution for the Philippines will happen later this month.
1) A parcel of 39 dresses from Rhonda Punzet and the ladies of the Newcastle Embroiderers Guild. Also included in the parcel was a special collection the group made to help with postage which I am very grateful for. All dresses will be included in the Project Cabaraban for the kids of CDO Philippines to be distributed by Sally Sanchez at the end of the month.
2. A parcel of 3 dresses and ten ladies t-shirts and three boys undies from Sharyn Cafee. The dresses will be allocated to the special collection for the Philippines, six of the t-shirts have been allocated to Project Burma 2015.
3. Four dresses sent in by Christine Caputo sometime in January which could not be previously allocated has  this time been allocated to Project Cabaraban -
With the above donations, this has brought the total number of dresses to 90, 4 sets of boys clothes and 4 girls shorts/t-shirts set for the Project Cabaraban Philippines.

Thank you to all the donors and a special thank you to the ladies of the Newcastle Embroiderers Guild for their special postage contribution. Thank you. Much appreciated.

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