Sunday, 1 March 2015

Donation Acknowledgement #6/2015 - Dress Donations for Project Cabaraban CDO Philippines Batch 1

A special collection for distribution in March. A total of  33 dresses for the first batch that has arrived. Unfortunately I have to control the number of dresses otherwise I will not be able to afford to send the parcel. It is so easy to receive but not that easy to send and quality of dresses is another area to consider. Here are the first batch of dresses that will be included in this special collection.
1) Anna Collett - parcel of 5 dresses -
2) Heather Harris - 16 girls t-shirts which will be distributed based on need.
3) Christine Caputo - 6 dresses and a girl's pair of shorts from a previous parcel -
4) 5 dresses from Cherrie, Dorothy and Toni Kirkpatrick -
5) Twelve dresses from the Inspired Peel Sewers group c-o Judy Scott
6) L brown with 5 dresses -
Thank you to all the ladies who sent in these parcels and a special thanks to Anne for her postage donation. Thank you . It is so much appreciated.

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