Monday, 9 March 2015

Donation Acknowledgement #9/2015 - School Supplies from Jayne and Monika

I received two parcels filled with school supplies, fabric school bags and 3 small books from Jayne Hogan and Monika Osvald to boost my ongoing Education without Borders project for 2015. A few of these items will be allocated to a special project I just thought of when I was sorting the items I received. Project School Supplies - PNG to help the orphans of the BFO Orphanage in Mt Hagen Papua New Guinea in their preparation for the new school year which I think started this month.
1) From Jayne Hogan, 24x of fabric school bags, packs of pens and pencils -
2) From Monika Osvald - three messenger school bags and 3 small nursery books. I have not decided where to allocate the nursery books but I already have about 2 locations in mind.
To Jayne and Monika, thank you so much for your support of the ongoing Education without Borders project, for helping disadvantaged children aim for a better life through education. It is much appreciated.

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