Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dress A Girl Australia Update on Dress Collections - Please Read!!

For everyone's info...please read!....
Re: Australia Distribution
Just to let everyone know that this collection is cancelled. After almost a day of email exchange yesterday, the organization has decided not to distribute dresses on my behalf due to conflict of interest with a group of people who are currently sewing for them. To avoid inconveniences it is for Dress A Girl Australia's best interest that I do not pursue. My apologies if I stirred a few people up but am sure you all would understand if you knew the details behind the cancellation. 
For those who would like to proceed with their intention to donate directly on your own, please send me a message or email me at Thank you.
For the last two weeks I have been contacting different groups and organizations who can possibly help distribute your dresses without having to spare a few dollars from each donors to pay for the distribution but have so far failed. Everyone I spoke to who wants to help are asking for me to pay for the cost of distributions on top of the cost of sending the dresses to them. I have selected one so far for distribution here in Australia which I believe deserves any dress I can collect. 

Starting April 1, I will be collecting 100 dresses for distribution in communities in the Northern Territory. I plan to do this collection every quarter. For those who would like to contribute dresses for this location, I will appreciate it much if you could include a dollar for every dress that you donate. The money is NOT to pay for the cost of sending the dresses from my location to the Northern Territory location but to pay for the cost of sending the dresses inside the different communities where the dresses are going. 

I know that there are some donors who prefer their dresses to go overseas or prefers to donate dresses only but for this particular distribution I would appreciate if you could spare a few dollars for every dress that you donate. We all know that charity begins at home so will appreciate if you could spare some of your dresses to these kids. And as usual, quality is very important as the organization has also stressed quality on anything that is going to be donated. Thank you.

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