Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dress A Girl Australia Sponsorship For everyone's info.

It has come to my attention that there are a few who are questioning where the money from the Dress Sponsorship program are going. Dress A Girl Australia is an open book. I even post some of my personal feelings in my blog. Every cent that I spend and/or receive from a few generous donors including the Dress Sponsorship program is well documented. Every income and expense that goes in and out of this charity work is well documented and fully supported. All dress sponsorships are being sold under my ABN (Soft Treasures) and every receipt issued for every sponsorship is being tracked and monitored and recorded for tax purposes. All items that I sell from my online shops are being issued receipts for tax purposes. I cannot accept donations even for dresses to help with the sponsorship as I am not authorized to accept donations. I still have to record the income that it represents and pay tax if I have to making things more complicated. If turning down offers of help in sponsorship is offending anyone, there is nothing I can do but I want to make things as simple as possible. Anyone who has any doubts or would like to discuss this further, please send an email to Thank you.

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