Monday, 2 March 2015

Update on Dress A Girl Australia Well for the community of Kalagi Uganda

Here is an update of the Dress A Girl Australia well from Water-4-Kids International which I am trying to raise money for  for the people/community of Kalagi Uganda through the Dress Sponsorship program, proceeds from sales of my online shop and ebay listings.
As of today I have raised $4,287.25 out of the $10,500 money that is required to accomplish this project. Still trying to think of ways to make the fundraising quicker. It is not an easy task to try to accomplish something especially in an unfamiliar environment but soon, very soon I will get to reach my goal. I just have to be very patient and diligent.

To access a larger and more readable version of this letter, please click here. If you want to help make a difference and give a better future and hope to the people of Kalagi Uganda, you can help by selecting any of the options below -
1) Dress Sponsorship program - click here for more details and how to sponsor a dress.
2) Buying any of the handmade stuff I make and sell - click here to go to the online shop.
3) Buy any listings I made in ebay under 'Leisurestuff', click here to check out what is available
4) Or if you can spare any amount, click here to make a donation.

Thank you.

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