Saturday, 7 March 2015

For everyone's info

I will appreciate it much if you do not send me donations unless they are needed for a distribution. I do not want to be stucked with boxes of dresses in my garage with nowhere to go due to lack of funds especially donations that exceed the max number from a single donor or a group. I have a very limited space in my garage. For two months now I have not had any sale at all from my shop which finances the distribution and I think everybody knows what this means. So please do not send anything. I will post on this page or in my blog when I need dresses or whenever I have a location to send dresses to. When I do this, that means I have the funds to pay for the cost of administering these dresses (i.e. pay for postage or pay for excess baggage etc etc). I have a plan that needs to be strictly followed to make sure that distributions happen and not just distribute for the sake of distributing. I hope you all understand. To those who have made postage donations, my heartfelt thanks. 
For any questions or concerns, please send an email to  As much as possible I want to be able to help you all make a difference but your help and understanding is also needed to make a difference. Thank you.

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