Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Donation Acknowledgement FY2012 #141 - Fabric Bundles from Kim of QLD

MBCCD #21 The big box was delivered on Friday afternoon, 21st of Dec. The guy who delivered asked me twice if I would be alright to take the box inside the house. :-) The box was full of fabrics from Kim Foster of QLD and is Donation #141/#21 and a great Christmas present for the less fortunate children.
Kim, thank you so much for the bundles. It was more than I expected and as I have previously said that me and  my sewing machine is going to have a blast making dresses and pairs of shorts in 2013 with these bundles. I am again putting myself up for a big challenge next year of one dress a day for 365 days which I was not able to complete this year especially with barely 5 days till the end of 2012. Your big box will be a reminder that I have a task to do. Thank you! 

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