Sunday, 9 December 2012

This week's a little bit of this and a little bit of that

More busy days ahead especially with Christmas just around the corner. One more week of going to work and my Christmas break will start. Actually it is a forced christmas break. In addition to my usual holiday trips, I would have wanted to save extra days for a couple of Dress A Girl Australia trips I have planned for next year. I guess I will just have to go negative credits again. What to do!

The past week has been quite busy making more handmade items to sell to take advantage of the christmas season and gift-giving. I have done my lavender houses, just finished my Christmas stockings. One more item to make which is one of my favourites and make them throughout the year and that is the fabric postcards and that's it for Dress A Girl Australia. :-)

#1 - Thank you to Christie Sturre, Wrights family and S Mcintosh for the parcels I picked up from the postoffice this weekend. 

#2 - As mentioned earlier in the week, I will resume writing articles on dress distributions, parcels sent and donation acknowledgements week of Dec 17th. A lot on my list. :-)

The following are the parcels I have sent during the week : 

 - Two parcels containing 100 dresses were sent to The Pyjama Foundation for their children in foster care in Sydney NSW.

 - Christmas parcel containing school supplies, activity books, boys and girls' undies and 10 pairs of shorts collected from the Charity Auction for Dress A Girl Australia was sent to Annabelle Chauncy, a co-founder of the School for Life Foundation in Katuuso Uganda. 

- Two parcels containing dresses and pairs of shorts also sent to Mbale Uganda c/o the Bushikori Christian Centre for their sponsored orphans and needy children within the community.

#3 - Another parcel leaving for India next weekend for the Garden of life family once I have completed the sorting and the packing.

The 'make-it or break-it' Christmas charity drive is still going and will be until the end of Dec. Please create a mess of handmade dresses and pairs of shorts in Dress A Girl Australia's living room this Christmas. Dare to be different this Christmas. Share the festive season with the less fortunate children around the world. For more details or information, please write to

Until the next update, hope you all have a lovely week!

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