Friday, 21 December 2012

Donation Acknowledgement FY2012 #136 - Ladies of Kapunda S.A. Sewing Bee #6 Parcel 2

MBCCD #16 Second parcel from the Ladies of Kapunda Sewing Bee #6 is donation number 136/#16 on the list. It is a parcel of 23 dresses, 1 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts. Some people maybe wondering why I am doing this by parcel and not acknowledged in one go. I find it easier if I do it by parcel and more easy when I start to sort and pack to send for distribution. These ladies are too active and I am extremely grateful for the work that they do.
Here is the collection -
Thank you to Loris Pullen(3x) Chris Redden(4x), Deborah Parish(3x), Loretta Vodic(2x), Margaret Adair(9x), Sharon Diamantopolous(1x) and loved the bag,Valda Ridley(2x Tshirts), Shirley Bell(1x) and Marilyn Pitt(1x).

Also, special thanks to Sandra Crawford, Dora Eisen and Lorraine Ellis for their fabric donations. Thank you so much.

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