Saturday, 22 December 2012

Dress Distribution #16 - Karin's dresses to South Africa

Dresses are on its way to South Africa and #16 on the distribution list. Karin Maltby from Perth made these dresses for the gorgeous little girls of the Edith Benson Babies Home in Durban, South Africa.

Here is a snapshot of all the 34 dresses which I took from Karin's album so I can show you all the beautiful dresses she made and very soon find 34 owners and 34 smiling faces added in this beautiful world we live in-
To see larger images of the full donation, please click here. Links to this article and any feedback will also be made available in the 'Dress Distribution' page which you can find at the top of this page and every other page.

Karin, thank you so much for these dresses which by the way, there are actually 34 of them. Much appreciated. Thank you.

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