Thursday, 28 February 2013

28 Dresses & 4 pairs of shorts for 28 days of February

Today is the last day of February, Day 59/365 for the One-Dress A Day project. Here are the 28 dresses I made for the month and 4 pairs of shorts which I would like to share with everyone and most especially to the donors. With these numbers, it brings my total to 64 dresses and 10 pairs of shorts as of the 28th of February.
Dresses -
Pairs of Shorts -
Thank you very much to the following donors who made these dresses and pairs of shorts possible -
1) Flor dela Cruz
2) Jenny F
3) Linda Smyth
4) Sylvia Lowe
5) Louise Wright and family
6) Penny Grey
and heyboom shop and Mila Elloso for the embellishments.

Tomorrow will be the first day for the month of March and I look forward to the project in March.


  1. Fantastic!! and Beautiful! I had to take a second glance--the third one over looks very much like one I made with dark green and gingham with white piping.