Sunday, 10 February 2013

More embellishments made...more to help make a difference

Opening my fabric scrapbags yesterday literally triggered my mind to become creative once again. Something I have not done for quite a while now but it feels so good when you get the chance to think and do something you love and do best and enjoying every minute of it. And perfect timing as I need more ways to raise money for postage. You probably have seen the dress I made yesterday which had a hemline of appliqued hearts. And you probably have read about Dress A Girl Australia's terrariums with succulent plants coming from my garden.

Also yesterday, still in the mood to celebrate the month of love, I made this Angel of Heart from my fabric scraps.
I still am undecided on whether to use a wooden ball for the head but this is basically it and I will be making more of this to sell in my Dress A Girl online shop. I already have the lavender house and now I have the angel of heart. 

The angel of heart measures about 16cms x 20.5cms. I placed a thin wadding(the ones I normally used in my fabric postcards) and also I placed a small georgette bag inside with a 20ml of lavender. And the highlight of this handmade heart is the key which you find at the center of the heart. This is a rusted garden key measuring about 6cms and inside a pocket measuring about 4.5cms x 7.5cms sealed by a craft plastic. 

What does that tell you? That this is the key to my heart. :-) This handmade item will be available in Dress A Girl Australia's online shop in a few days (I need to schedule when I can update my website) so watch for it guys if you are interested in the lavender angel of heart.

Since I have showed you my new creation I might as well show you the rest of the items I made with my fabric scraps. Flowers....roses...fabric flower to embellish my bag.
Make sure you look at them now as the next ten postings coming up on this blog will be donation acknowledgements and you may find it difficult to see this posting again. WooHoo!  Love what am doing!

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