Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Collection for the children of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea

I have just received confirmation that the girls in Papua New Guinea requires shoulders to be covered so dresses have to have at least cap sleeves. This is not going to change my travel plans. I have about 10 dresses left with sleeves and I will try to raise as many T-shirt dresses or dresses with sleeves or T-shirts which they can wear underneath pillowcase dresses as I can between now and mid-June. What is changing are the dresses that I would like, if possible , only if possible to receive from any ladies out there who would like to donate to please donate a dress with sleeve or plain T-shirts with sleeves between the sizes of 4 or 5 to 12, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance.

Starting today I am starting an album for the children of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea which will hold all dresses with sleeves that I will be handcarrying at the end of June. I believe there are about 135 children in this orphanage but will be asking for confirmation as to how many are girls and how many are boys as I also want to bring something for the boys.
                             For the children of Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea

I will be aiming to sew at least one T-shirt dress or dress with sleeve a day for the next 6-7 weeks. And if I can really stick to this plan, that would be about 45 dresses. How awesome would that be(I hope!). And am very optimistic that I will be receiving dresses with sleeves in the coming weeks.

I am glad that Dress A Girl Australia has been given the opportunity to provide dresses to these children and I look forward to meeting and dressing each one of them.


  1. 9 of my dresses have sleeves, although one is a size 1. There's another 14 without sleeves. Just working out what to pack them in to send. I know it doesn't matter, but they'll get so creased when I pack them. Will send early next week...

  2. That's awesome Pam, Thanks a lot! Much appreciated. Dont worry about them being creased. Roll them as small as possible and if you have some elastics use it to hold the roll. This way, you get to fit them all in a 3kg satchel. Thanks again.