Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Flash Update #2 - Dress A Girl Australia Activities

#1 - Christine Stephens from Tasmania, yes Tasmania, thank you for your dresses and shorts and welcome to Dress A Girl Australia.

#2 - Big welcome to the latest 'liker' of Dress A Girl Australia Patrick Odoyo, the program coordinator of Dago Dala Hera Orphanage and community of Kenya. Your parcel of dresses, shorts and soccer ball is on its way. Thank you for giving Dress A Girl Australia the opportunity to provide clothing to the children in your community.

#3 - This is where my sister and I are planning to go in late June and handcarry dresses and shorts for the children in the BFO orphanage in Papua New Guinea. Just click on the link below

#4 - From orphanlist.org’s facebook page status, guess what I found -
We are very thankful for Gigi who helps run "Dress A Girl Around the World". It looks like they will be sending some dresses to our little girls in PNG this June. Thanks so much Gigi! Thanks for all of the prayers and support friends."

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