Saturday, 5 May 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #43 - Dresses from Sandra Price and her mum Betty

'sp'egg'tacular easter charity drive #4'. This batch of dresses and pairs of shorts is a combined mother(Betty)-and-daughter(Sandra) team effort and donation to help dress disadvantaged girls around the world.
For a long time Sandra was looking for a cause to support where she can put her sewing skills to good use and was thrilled to find Dress A Girl Australia's page.And what a 'thrill-a-day' it must be for her considering that she is a mother of 2, a part-time bookkeeper and a part-time Uni student and looks forward to many more donations. 

Sandra, thank you so very much for supporting the cause of dressing disadvantaged children around the world. Every effort and time you spend making dresses is very much appreciated. Please extend my heartfelt thank you to your mum Betty for sharing the task of making dresses with you and for sewing dresses out of Ruby's fabric donations. Thank you.

To all the daughters out there who is looking for something to do together with their  mums, well, I think we just found an activity that you can easily share with each other. A 'Mother-Daughter' Sewing Bee. Either one can learn from each other and if both are starters what a challenge it would be to learn how to sew and what a great way to spend time together even for just an hour or two on any  free day. And with Mother's Day coming up in nine(9) days, how about sending out those personal invites for a 'Mother-Daughter' Sewing Bee Day

I look forward to hearing more stories about mums and daughters making dresses together and dont forget to share your photos with Dress A Girl Australia. 

If you want to know more about Dress A Girl Around the world and its campaign of making sure that every girl owned at least one dress, please send an email to  

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