Thursday, 31 May 2012

More pairs for Uganda

Am back to sewing this time on pairs of shorts for my next parcel for the schoolboys of Katuuso, Rural Uganda. My plan is to increase the number of pairs I want to send to 40. At the moment I only have 25 so am intending to make a dozen and based on the email notifications I have received I have more pairs for pick-up at the postoffice so that hopefully would add up to 40. Here are the first three pairs of 12 I intend to make. After this parcel I think I need to sew more pairs as I no longer have any in sizes between 6 and 8.
And I just saw tonight that I am also running out of dresses. Looks like I will have to lower the number of dresses in the parcel I intend to send to Vietnam or delay the sending of the dresses. Will see when I do an audit of dresses this weekend.

This next batch of parcel for Katuuso, Uganda will be handcarried by the co-founder of the School for Life Foundation. 

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