Sunday, 27 May 2012

Few more pictures from the Mumbai India Distribution

Here are a few more pictures from the dress distribution made by Kate Muir of QCCT in the Anugrah home for Children at Ambarnath Maharashtra, Mumbai India. 

Some of the children were still at school and Kate had limited time to stay at the Anugrah home as she had a flight to catch on the same day. From our initial conversation I think she only had about 6 hours or less to spare to go to the orphanage, give the dresses and shorts, have a chat and go back to the hotel and sometimes it takes two hours to get to the home due to traffic. I could just imagine how difficult it would be racing against time  with the traffic and the heat.
Kate Muir of Qantas Cabin Crew Team with some of the children  of the orphanage.

More children wearing the dresses I think some are too shy to be in the picture or if they are in the picture they are hiding. If am not mistaken the stripe one  on the left was donated by Deidre Parker and the green at the back is one of the T-shirt dresses with orange skirt (I think) from The Sewing Library Group. 
You can click on the images above to see a larger picture and if you want to see the pictures individually and in larger format, click here

I havent had the chance to speak to Kate since she came back so I have not really extended my heartfelt thanks to her in person yet since she went to India and handcarried the parcel. But Kate, wherever you are, thank you so much for everything. Hope to see you soon!

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