Monday, 7 May 2012

T-shirt Dresses from donated fabrics FY12 #11 - From Meredith Kain

Nothing goes to waste with Dress A Girl Australia. I think I was too productive this weekend. I was able to make 6 Size 6 and 4 Size 2 dresses.
The fabric materials in the skirt section of all these T-shirt dresses are remnants from the fabrics pre-cut by my sister to make into dresses last month from fabric donations made by Meredith Kain. The T-shirts are the last remaining t-shirts donated by i-craft i-sew. By the time I got to Dress No 8, I got tired of ruffles I decided to do pleats in the last 2 instead. All these dresses will go to my collection for the children of Papua New Guinea and I think they will all look cute in these dresses.

Thank you Meredith for the fabric materials and i-craft i-sew for the T-shirts. Much appreciated!

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