Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Update on the dresses sent to Katuuso Rural Uganda

The dresses I allocated for the schoolchildren of the School for Life Foundation in Katuuso, Rural Uganda has now been hand delivered by Annabelle Chauncy, co-founder of the School for Life Foundation. We will be seeing pictures of this distribution in due course.

There is one thing very unique and special about this distribution. The dresses will be used as end of term prizes for the best students and what a great gift it will be for the little girls. 

The dresses are so pretty that any girl would want to own one…so I think each of them will try their very best in order to receive one. They will earn a dress for learning. They will earn a dress for a better future. The dress is just the beginning. Through learning, they will be able to help in the task of breaking the cycle of poverty in their community. And who knows ten or more years from now when they become teachers, engineers or whatever professional careers they have chosen to become, when they are able to contribute back to their community  they would remember to tell the story to the world that one of the reasons why they strived hard to learn, have become what they wanted to become is because they wanted to own one dress. And whoever made that dress should feel very proud.

To know more about the great work of the School for Life Foundation, just click on the image below :
Dress A Girl Australia supports breaking the cycle of poverty in Katuuso Rural Uganda. Contributes to the work of the School for Life foundation by providing dresses to the children.

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