Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FY12/Week 19 - Long Shorts completed during the week 7May-13May-12 by Dress A Girl Australia

'sp'egg'tacular easter charity drive #6'. For FY12/Week 19, I spent sewing pairs of long shorts as I want to send more pairs to Uganda in the next parcel. I thought I had sewn up all the colourful fabric I had but to my surprise I saw more under the bed I was using for all pre-cut fabrics . The pre-cuts equivalent to 4 pairs must have fallen when I was trying to account for all the pillowcases I still have on hand. Tsk...Tsk...clumsy me. So here are the 4 pairs I did from the colourful fabric -

From donated fabrics FY12#12. Also, my work colleague Joan who donated the Mickey Mouse fabric keeps on reminding me to start making shorts for her so I could include it in my next Uganda parcel. This was the other reason why I focused on making shorts for the week. I was able to cut and sew six pairs from the donated fabric. Tried my best to make sure Mickey was in the front section.
These ten pairs are still included in the count for the sp'egg'tacular Easter charity drive for pairs of shorts as the fabrics were intended for the drive. I could have done more but I spent Saturday packing dresses and Sunday was Mother's Day so I didnt do any sewing or packing or anything related to Dress A Girl Australia.

Next week I will be concentrating on making T-shirt dresses or dresses with sleeves for my Papua New Guinea collection.

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