Sunday, 27 May 2012

Special Donation of Long Pairs of Pants for BFO Orphanage Papua New Guinea

Normally I would say that Dress A Girl Australia would love to have you donate pillowcase dresses, dresses with sleeves and/or T-shirt dresses especially for locations where open dresses are not acceptable (and most of these locations are actually in the Asia-Pacific region) and pairs of shorts for the boys. 

But for this particular parcel it had to be a special kind of donation. Not handmade by donors since I wanted to raise at least a dozen pairs of long pants which the BFO Orphanage in Mount Hagen, PNG needed the most. And in such a short notice I was able to collect 18 new pairs of long pants between the sizes of 3 to 14. 

I did'nt think handcarrying these items with the dresses and shorts my sister and I are planning to handcarry with us is a good idea as am not familiar with the customs regulations in PNG so I decided to post it yesterday. Eighteen new pairs of long pants in three colors and in different sizes. I removed the tags that normally comes with new pairs and replaced it with the Hope-4-Women International labels.
My heartfelt thanks to the group (I will just have to call them the 'fans' group or DAG groupies (:-)) of Dress A Girl Australia as they want to remain anonymous) for finding it in their hearts to come up with not only a dozen but 18 new pairs of long pants in such a very short time (I think in 3 days).  Thank you so much.

To Dave of orphanlist, if you are reading this article, the parcel is now on its way to PNG. I hope with the sizes of the long pants it will find owners in your orphanage.

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  1. I am reading this article and we are so grateful! Thanks you so much for your heart and dedication to kids everywhere. These pants are badly needed and we can't wait to receive the dresses in June. It is a true blessing to have an organization like this in the world. I will be visiting the orphanage in June and will make sure that I send photos. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!

    "Small things done with great love, will change the world." Mother Teresa