Sunday, 20 May 2012

Flash Update #1 - Dress A Girl Australia Activities

Once in a while I do quick updates directly to Dress A Girl Australia's facebook page but it has come to my attention that there are several readers who prefer to read updates from this blog and do not visit my facebook page to check out updates. I do apologize for this. From now on I will make sure that whatever I post in facebook also gets posted in here as I want to make sure that all campaigners and supporters get to know what is going on with Dress A Girl Australia. 

You may not have notice it but I decided to go for a low D-A-G profile the past few days. I dont think I was being slacked. The last few months I spent writing letters and making connections with orphanages around the world, making decisions on which orphanages I wanted to support with clothing, finding the easiest and cheapest ways and means to get the dresses to these locations (including customs requirements), making followups, spreading the word about Dress A Girl Australia I just wanted to have a rest for a few days doing something for myself (which I actually did - recycled denim bag and printing few images on fabric which I intend to make into quilts.) Dont take me wrong. I am enjoying what I am doing and I am fully committed to making Dress A Girl Australia work for a long, long time. I have other plans in mind that deals not only with dresses and pairs of shorts (my mind is overflowing with ideas to help disadvantaged children around the world), I know which orphanages to support but sometimes your mind starts to slow down a bit especially at a time when you need it the most and you know it is time to stop and have a rest. I have fully recovered and my energy is fully revived.

Yesterday I was supposed to be on my scheduled 'no-D-A-G-day' but that didnt stop me from making this poster which I intend to use in my 'spread-the-word' about DAG moments. The countries I have listed are the locations I intend Dress A Girl Australia to support and focus on distributions at this stage. 
I think I did a good job making this. haha!

Next on my list are the new campaigners who joined Dress A Girl Australia the past three weeks from Toowoomba, Qld and Melbourne, Vic. Welcome to Dress A Girl Australia.

To Angela Collins who is organizing a pillow case/fabric collections at her daughter's primary school to make dresses. Thank you!

To Deborah Parish who is such a big help in organizing sewing bees in Kapunda, South Australia. Well this time she gave a talk at the local CWA about Dress A Girl and hopes they will all come on board. What an awesome contribution  and I thank you so much for it. Thank you!

And last but not the least, I will soon be sending dresses to Vietnam. And earlier in the day I was thinking of splitting the parcel into two as sending 112 dresses in one box might be a bit risky as authorities might think I am trying to compete with the country's textile industry. I find it a little bit funny to be in competition for 112 dresses only but rules are rules....and I dont want to be expelled from entering the country. :-) Vietnam is in my list of locations to be visiting soon.

Two more donation acknowledgements and a small writeup on a unique parcel to Papua New Guinea and I think my administration tasks' backlog is clear for now. :-)

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