Saturday, 5 May 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #44 - Dresses from Theresa Kazmierczak of New Zealand

'Dress A Girl with Hopeful Threads #3'. These dresses came all the way from our Kiwi neighbour New Zealand more specifically from Christchurch. Theresa made them as her contribution to the Dress A Girl with Hopeful Threads global project for the month of April.
Love the pockets (My earlier dresses used to have heart-shaped pockets) and the ruffled hems. The heart-shaped pockets was inspired by the hearts sent to Christchurch residents from people all over the world when they had that earthquake tragedy about a year ago. Theresa received one and thought it was time for her to send a heart back in the form of a pocket to a disadvantaged little girl somewhere out there. What a very lovely and thoughtful gesture. When you learn what motivates that someone to do something, to make a difference even in a very small and unconventional way, it kind of melts your heart. 

Theresa, whoever receives your dress am sure will have a glowing face when she sees the heart on her new dress. Thanks a whole lot for the green dresses. Much appreciated.

And when you have a spare time, please drop by Theresa's 'Sew Sister' blog.


  1. Beautiful dresses, I love the idea behind the heart pockets too.