Friday 4 May 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #42 - Dresses from Ruby Schalk

If this does not touch you, I dont know what will. This is 93 year old Ruby Schalk from Queensland holding the two dresses sewn by Sandra Price' mum from Ruby's personal fabric collection  for donation to the cause of Dress A Girl Australia. 
According to Sandra, her mum was talking to their dear friend Ruby about sewing dresses for disadvantaged girls when Ruby then went through her cupboards and found a material for the cause. There are still a lot of dresses to be made from her donation and how lucky the recipients of her dresses will be. 

To Ruby, you inspire all of us to make a difference especially in the lives of the less fortunate children. I hope I get to your age and still making and/or collecting dresses for disadvantaged kiddies. Thank you very much for your donation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To Sandra's mum for sewing the dresses for Ruby, thank you so much and to Sandra for sharing this picture with me. Thank you.

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