Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Media Plug for Dress A Girl Australia

A couple of weeks ago I received an email with the subject of 'Media enquiry' from Amanda Ducker. I wasnt sure if it was real so I kind of hesitated to double-click on the email to open but in the end because I was curious I ended up reading it. She said she wanted to give my project a little plug in her column in the Hobart Mercury newspaper in Tassie and asked if I could provide her with some pix and if I had any Tassie contributors yet.

I thought it was such a great idea to be plugged (at the same time I was pinching myself asking whether this was really happening... someone wanted to plug Dress A Girl Australia in a newspaper) so I sent her 2 pictures and the Dress A Girl flyer so she can have a selection of which picture to post. I thought that was it, just a simple plug but she replied back and asked where the picture she chose was taken and if the dresses came from me and eight other questions which I replied to as best as I can. I think I was too excited not to reply to the questions. I didnt even hesitate to send a picture of myself when she asked for one although I wrote back to her and said that she didnt have to post my picture.:-)

This is the picture that she has chosen to publish (my favourite!!) and she is going to run an edited Q&A about Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl Australia on Friday, 25th of May issue of the Hobart Mercury newspaper (I think this is the name of the newspaper!).
I look forward to reading the article and will try to get hold of at least one copy to keep for my journal. And when the article gets published on Friday, for sure I will post it here on my blog for everyone to read.

My heartfelt thanks to Amanda for plugging the project and helping spread the word around especially in Tasmania. Thanks heaps!

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