Monday, 28 May 2012

FY12 Dress Distribution #4 - Childrens Joy Foundation Philippines

A dozen dresses to the 12 children being sheltered by the Children's Joy Foundation in the Philippines located about three hours away from the main city of Manila. Children who have been abandoned, neglected and orphaned and in their most vulnerable ages and through this foundation are given protection and special care for them to grow and develop to have a better life. 

These dresses were sent to my friend Edna Lisa Albufera early this year who together with her work colleagues are financially supporting this foundation in their own small way. Instead of buying her a christmas gift I thought it was a good idea to give her 12 dresses instead to distribute to the children in their foundation. It is so unfortunate that at the time I sent the parcel I didnt have dresses larger than a size 6 but hey they still found the  best way to wear the dresses.

Here is the note that my friend sent me with the pictures -

Hi gigi. I went to Children's Joy Foundation yesterday and distributed the dresses to the girls. They were so excited when they saw the dresses and each one got hold of the dress and wore them . One of the girls was doing some painting work so could not be included in the picture that is why one of the girls in the picture is holding the dress intended for her. The pictures are attached. I'll try to attach also the video because they played 2 musical pieces for you to see. If I'm not successful to attach here the video it will follow. I spent about 2 hrs with them, when I left they all said in chorus THANK YOU....
God Bless, Edna

Please see below more pictures from the distribution. In case you are wondering what the three girls are holding in the picture, it is the picture of the group of schoolteens from Bridgetown High School WA which was inside the pockets of each of the five dresses they made included in this distribution. I wished at the time I sent the parcel I already had pairs of shorts for the boys. Maybe next time I will reserve some for them. You can click on the images to see larger pictures and if you want to see the pictures individually and in larger format, click here.
Edna, thank you so much for finally finding the time to deliver the dresses and bring happiness to these children. It is very much appreciated. Looking forward to receiving the video but no rush. Please keep in touch.

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