Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dress Donations to the Sandy Hook Elementary Event of Dress A Girl Oregon & Connecticut

This parcel was posted yesterday, the 26th of Jan 2013 to Dress A Girl Oregon with 14 dresses inside the parcel. 
These dresses are being donated for the Sandy Hook Elementary event on behalf of the Australian donors, supporters and campaigners of Dress A Girl Around the World. I hope these dresses are good enough to comply with your green and white colour requirement.
Here is a look at the dresses -
And here are the donors of the dresses -
1) Ladies of Kapunda, South Australia
2) Heyboom
3) Hobart Embroidery Club
4) Wednesday Group Quilted Crow of NewTown, Tasmania
5) Deborah Steed
6) Gaylene Hermann
7) Prudence Mann
8) Anonymous Donor

To see larger images of the dress donations, please click hereLinks to this article and any feedback will also be made available in the 'Dress Distribution' page which you can find at the top of this page and every other page.

To Dress A Girl Oregon and Connecticut, thank you for giving us this opportunity to support you on this event to honour the memory of the 26 people especially the kids whose lives ended so soon. This parcel should arrive at its destination in time for your Feb 14 deadline.

To the dress donors, heaps and heaps of thanks for making this parcel possible. Much appreciated.

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