Tuesday, 1 January 2013

One dress a day for 365 days

Today is Day 1 of my second attempt to take on the 'One dress a day for 365 days' journey (or is this a  challenge?) A good time to start as today is also the first day of the new year 2013. For this initiative, I will be sewing dresses daily mostly from donated fabrics. In some days and if I have the time, I may sew more than one but any extras will come from my fabric donations. 

For the first eight days, I will be sewing dresses from donations made by Meredith Kain and the Wright family from Tasmania.  Here is the pile that I have prepared this morning which already has bias tapes, elastics and extra fabric for pockets and waiting to be sewn.
To check progress or status of the journey, click on the '365 diary' tab at the top of the page. I will only be providing updates on this site on a monthly basis. My daily progress will be on the '365 Days diary'. An album containing all dresses sewn will also be available on the left navigation pane under a sub-section '365 days' journey. I sure do hope I will make it through this time. :-) 

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