Saturday, 12 January 2013

Softies for Donations to the TSL Dolly Drive 2013

These 3 cuties will be donated to the TSL's (The Sewing Library facebook group) Dolly Drive 2013 for distribution to children's hospitals around Australia. In my case since I live in Sydney this will be distributed around the NSW area.
I made these cuties mid last year for Christmas, kept them because they always got covered with dresses anyway but then I forgot I had them. :-) . I did a 'smiley'(pictured on the left), 'sad' and 'angry' look softies but decided on giving away the 'smiley' hoping that whoever gets to receive it will have a similar smile on his and/or her face. Am keeping the 'sad' and 'angy' look for my amusement.

The TSL Dolly Drive 2013 will be running until the end of March this year so if you want to join in this initiative, please check out the details here.

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