Thursday, 28 March 2013

Amazing feedbacks from Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia supporters

A couple of feedbacks from supporters and campaigners of Dress A Girl (Around the World) Australia which I'd like to share with you -

#1 - In Jabiru, the heart of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is an arts and craft group who started a Dress a Girl project about a month ago, hand-carving their own lino blocks to print their own fabric to make into dresses! Penny Hart said that they would love to send the dresses to Sydney for distribution once they're done and are very happy to see that an Australian group/campaign existed. Wow! Thanks heaps, Penny Hart!! Much appreciated!!

#2 - Sometime late last year I received an email from Mary Gast a textile technology teacher from Beaconhills college, victoria who wanted to introduce making dresses for Dress A Girl Australia as a co-curricular activity for her students. Today I received an update from Mary letting me know that she has 14 students on board making dresses and will be finished at the end of Term 2. Such a fantastic news that I am jumping up and down with joy. Another group of young girls helping other young girls who are less fortunate. What more can Dress A Girl Australia asked for. Thank you, Mary!!

If you want to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate children around the world, then come and join us in this journey of dressing girls around the world. Help make this dream of every girl owning at least one dress become a reality and not just imaginary. For each of us deserves to own at least one. What if that dress were made by you.

For more details and/or information about this campaign, please send an email to

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