Saturday, 9 March 2013

My sewing machine is broken!

I am broken-hearted. Looks like the bobbin in my sewing machine has finally given up on me after 15 years of sewing just about anything and dresses for the past two years. Last night I spent almost 4 hours making just one dress when it should only be for at least an hour. The bobbin kept tangling the thread and jams up the machine. I tried all possible combination of fixes but nothing seemed to work and I broke two needles. Today I tried to make a dress but unsuccessful and broke 2 needles again in my attempt so I stopped as I didnt want my day to be spoiled because of a bobbin.

Tomorrow I am going to window shop and shop for a new sewing machine. Until such time that I can buy a new sewing machine or have my sewing machine fixed, it will be very quiet and lonely and miserable days here at Dress A Girl Australia.

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