Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Dress Distribution #20 - Parcel for the children of Katuuso Uganda

Could not do much in such a short notice but we have done it again and very thankful to Annabelle Chauncy, co-founder of School for Life Foundation in Katuuso Uganda for letting me know about a container that was leaving for Uganda this Friday. I really wished I could send more but I only found 2 spare boxes in my garage last night. 
Anyway, I managed to pack 30 pairs of shorts, 45 dresses, about 50 girls undies, coloring and activity books I have collected, pencils, crayons and a few packs of small watercolor sets and about 20 exercise books. These school stuff every now and then I get to collect and receive from a few friends. I would have wanted to put an undie on the pocket of every dress but didnt have enough time so I just bundled them up and leave them to be given to each girl who receives a dress otherwise I would have gone beyond midnight and wasnt a good idea on a weekday.

Here are the goodies that will be sent off today and hopefully make it to the container on Thursday night to depart on Friday -
Dresses and pairs of shorts -
School Supplies and a bunch of girls' undies -
Due to time constraint I could only identify a few donors just by looking at some of the dresses and the packaging of the dresses and pairs of shorts where I pulled them out from. When I get to identify more (and will keep on trying), then I will update my list -

1. 2Betts (Betty Barrett and Betty Paull)
2. Sharyn Paull
3. Deborah Parish and the Ladies of Kapunda S.A.
4. Wendy Yates
5. Karin Maltby and the Ladies from Perth
6. and I think Monika Osvald and Lyn Crossley
7. Sarah Tanmahapran
8. Friends for the school supplies
9. Dress A Girl Australia

Thanks everyone for making these 2 parcels possible. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for making another 45 school girls happy and 30 school boys jump up with joy with their new pairs of shorts from the School for Life Foundation, Katuuso Uganda. Much appreciated! 

For larger images of the contents of these parcels, please click here. For more on dress distributions, please click here or click on the 'Dress Distribution' tab found at the top of this page. I try to update this page whenever a parcel leaves my humble abode....and I still have about 5 more to publish. Still need to find the time to do it so watch this space!

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