Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dress Distribution #22 - Parcel for the children of Mbale East Uganda (Bushikori Christian Centre)

This parcel is long overdue. I had wanted to send it early December but then I thought maybe after Christmas would be ok so the chances of it missing in the posting is less especially that there are no insurances for parcels to Uganda. I lost a parcel in December and that was only here in Australia. I finally found the time to complete the packing and added t-shirts and undies I had received and collected during the Christmas season and finally the parcel is sent. 

Dress Distribution #22 is a parcel of 54 dresses for girls, 12 boys and 24 girls’ undies, 12 t-shirts for small boys and 1 small clothing for a baby and is going to the needy children of a community in  Mbale, Eastern Uganda care of the Bushikori  Christian Centre. The community is situated in a rural area and the Centre organises sponsorship of orphans and desperately needy children so that they can be educated and be employed. According to Lianne Foord who is a member of the of the Australian Support Committee, the children in their program often only own one item of clothing which is sometimes in poor condition. . Today I started sorting the second parcel which I intend to send mid-April.
Here are the contents of the parcel -
made possible by the following donors -
1)Jane Kelly, Marieka Ashmore and Liz Skinner of Coffs Harbour
2) Holly Landman
3) Karen Interlandi
4) Nicole Devet
5) Gaylene Herrmann
6) Miss Mollie and friend
7) Christie of Joyfoolery
8) Alison Harley
9) Sharyn Paull
10) Leonie Harrison
11) Ladies of Kapunda S.A. 
12) Sandra Price and her mum
13) Sarah Petrie and daughters Claudia and Charlotte
14) Sandra Hart
15) The Sewing Library facebook group
16) Prudence Mann
17) Liz Lynzaat
18) Deborah Steed
19) Heyboom shop
20) 2Bettys - Barrett Barrett and Betty Paull
21) Helen McMahon
22) Monika Osvald
23) Anonymous Donor

For larger images of the items, please click here. For more details on dress distributions, please click here or on the 'dress distribution' tab which can be found at the top of the page.

Thank you so much to all the dear donors who made this parcel so very possible. A special thank you to Lyn Crossley, Valda Ridley and Monika Osvald for the t-shirts and the undies. Through your kindness and generosity, some of these children will own another clean and decent dress. Thank you.

To know more about the works of the Bushikori Christian Centre (Supporting orphans and widows in Uganda) please click here.

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