Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mini Pillows and Buttons for Sale

When I took more than a year off from work a few years ago I needed to find something to do to keep myself busy. I went travelling, created websites, cardmaking, did a lot of quilting, gardening and made a lot of pillows just to be busy. Earlier from reading magazines I found that I can actually create my own fabric or print images on fabrics using an inkjet printer that when I travelled to the US the first thing I did was look for the materials that was mentioned in the magazines I was reading. When I came back to Sydney I handcarried two reams of the special inkjet fabric sheets. I printed pictures and graphic images one sheet after another that I ended up with almost 25 small pillows created. LOL! I started selling them one at a time when I decided I wanted to go back to work but I didnt expect that I would immediately find a job. It was my first application/interview so I ended up not being able to sell all the pillows.

Today I decided I was going to bring all the remaining pillows at the Autumn Market of the Dreamers Market this coming Saturday to sell. I hope they would sell so I can raise more funds. Here are the pillows that I will be selling -
In addition to making pillows I also did a lot of button making and I have pinned some of the buttons on the pillows where appropriate. These items will also be available for sale at the Dress A Girl Australia e-shop soon.

More buttons are also available for sale for the Easter event. These are new items I created during the weekend when I could not use my sewing machine.
These will be posted in my e-shop very soon.

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