Thursday, 14 March 2013

Important Notices

Been quite busy the past few nights preparing for the Dreamers Markets' Autumn market. Am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be another lucky day for me. Being lucky would mean more and more girls around the world will be made happy.

Two things worthy of special mentions -
1) I will not be able to pick up parcels at the post office this Saturday, 16th of March due to Market Day. I have 2 parcel card notifications which I picked up at my postbox last Tuesday (as usual the postoffice was closed when I got there). I received two emails letting me know about parcels so my guess is that these 2 cards are for those email notifications received. Will try to pick them up early next week otherwise it will be done next Saturday.

2) For those who sent me emails since Tuesday this week) and requires responses, just to let the senders know that I have read your emails and will be responding after Saturday's Market Day. Thank you for your understanding.

Since the day my sewing machine broke down, I have not been able to make dresses for my one-dress-a-day campaign. I borrowed my sister's sewing machine but then my time is being eaten up by the preparations I have to do for this coming Saturday's market. I will resume making dresses perhaps on Sunday and try to make at least 31 dresses for the 31 days of March. I hope! :-)

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