Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another fundraiser item - Dress Kits for Sale

A few months back I packaged pillowcase dress kits for the main purpose of selling to those who do not know how to sew or do not have any sewing machine or does not have the time to sew but wants to donate to Dress A Girl Australia. I donated $30.00 to purchase metres of fabrics that were on sale and accessories such as threads, elastics, ribbons, buttons and bias tapes. The kits were $10.00 each and I was to sew the kits into a pillowcase dress and provide a picture of the dress sewn to the buyer. I sold 8 kits at that time.

One day last week I wasn’t feeling too well to go to work and I found an excuse to go to a fabric shop to purchase fabrics and accessories to make into kits again. I have packaged 15 kits and are now available for purchase still at $10.00 each. The kit similar to the first release includes the following :
 (1) Pre-cut fabric to make a dress, 
 (2) Sewing thread, 
 (3) 2x of 36" bias tape
 (4) 2x of 8" elastics
 (5) Buttons, ribbon or accessories
 (6) piece of fabric for pockets 
The sale of these kits will go directly to Dress A Girl Australia's postage fund. Everything on this kit have been purchased by me for the purpose of selling to raise funds for postage. Unfortunately I cannot afford to give away kits for free as I want to be able to distribute more dresses to more locations with disadvantaged children so I need these kits to be sold to help fund the packing and sending out of parcels.

Anyone interested to purchase to donate to Dress A Girl Australia, please click here.  If the link does not work, please copy and paste the URL below to your web browser.

There are 7 left of the kits so hurry before they are all gone! Thank you to those who have purchased the kits. Thank you for your donation.

Anyone who wants more information about these kits or what Dress A Girl Around the World - Dress A Girl Australia is all about, please send an email to

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