Sunday, 15 April 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #32 - Fabric from work colleague

This very dainty and pretty Minnie Mouse fabric was donated by Joan Lui, a work colleague of mine. She's had this fabric for years and never knew even until now what to do with it. Then she heard and knew about what I was/am doing during my spare time and of Dress A Girl Australia. Last week she handed me a plastic bag and asked if I could make something out of the fabric and will it be ok to donate to my cause. I said to her why not. In fact I made sure whether she really wanted to donate it because this seems to be a vintage Minnie Mouse material and she said it was ok.

I promised her I will make a dress for her and give her a picture. Today I realized I can actually make 2 dresses from the material.
Joan, thank you so much for the vintage material. Whoever is going to be the recipient of the two dresses may not know who Minnie Mouse is and may never know who she is but will be very happy, stand proud and tall when they wear the dresses for they both will be wearing new dresses which they can finally call their own. 

Thank you, Joan.

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