Monday, 2 April 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #30 - Bundles of Fabrics from Meredith

A couple of days spent cutting from a box filled with fabrics from Meredith Kain is donation #30 to Dress A Girl Australia. 
These cuttings created the following dress kits -
                           Size 8 = 7 kits
                           Size 7 = 1 kits
                           Size 6 = 12 kits
                           Size 5 = 2 kits
About 7 lengths of fabrics in various sizes which can be used as skirts for about 7 t-shirt dresses and 20 pieces of 8" x 8" square blocks. 

There were still several bitsy pieces left that will be cut into round pieces of various  sizes which I can use to make into fabric flowers or fabric yo-yos to embellish some of the dresses. Other scraps will be added to my fabric scrap bin. Contents of my fabric scrap bin will be sent to Alice Jalland later in the month. Alice who is doing volunteer work with ECPAT Phils.(recipients of pillowcase dress kits) plans to implement creative activities for the children who are with this organization and these scraps will be put to good use learning new crafting skills. 

My heartfelt thanks to Meredith for the box of fabrics which is going to provide dresses to about 30 less fortunate girls around the world and also help in developing special crafting skills for special children who one day I hope with the skills they will learn making use of these scraps will help them have a better future. Thank you.

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