Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two Big Events in April - Come and Join Us!

Two big events are going on this month of April -

The Sp'egg'tacular Easter Charity Drive for '55 pairs of shorts' for the boys by Dress A Girl Australia. Will be running until the 30th of April.
and the 'Let's Sew 100 Dresses Together' April 2012 Monthly Project of Hopeful Threads. Please click on the image below to know more about this project.

dag button2

Today is only the 4th of April so you have 26 days more to go to join in any of these 2 great projects. 
Dont think....just come and join us! It will be a lot of will not regret it!

 Sewing lovers coming together for a good cause. 
A global sewing project for sewing lovers if you are joining the 'Let's Sew 100 Dresses together'.
A good time to start with the long weekend coming up for Australians.


  1. Count me in to sew some shorts before the end of the month and I'm joining in with Kristy...