Sunday, 29 April 2012

Shorts from donated fabrics FY12 #10 - From Erin and other Donors

'sp'egg'tacular easter charity drive #2'. Nine more pairs of shorts were made by Katherine Nott from donated fabric materials bringing her total to 19 for the sp'egg'tacular easter charity drive.
Fabrics used for these batch were donated by Erin from Canberra and several other donors that I have not identified so far since I could not match the fabrics with the photos of donated materials. I will advise once I can find a match.

Again, thank you to Katherine for sewing these pairs of shorts and to the donors of the materials used. Thank you.


  1. the non identified ones are from my fabric collection, wanted to make as many shorts as i could to help out :)

    1. i thought they were yours since i could not find them in any of the fabric photos and i was right. too late to send you an email last night and planned to do it tonight. :-)
      thanks a lot!