Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fabric flowers for embellishments

A couple of weeks ago I finally met Linda Smyth when I went to pick up dresses she wanted to donate to Dress A Girl Australia. In addition to the dresses and bundles of fabrics given to her by a friend which I still have to acknowledge, she also gave me some fabric flowers which she uses to embellish the dresses she makes. With all the fabric scraps I have collected and never throw away, I thought I finally have something I can make to put all my scraps into good use. Here are the fabric flowers I got from her -
And today while finalizing my packing for the dresses for the Katuuso Children in Uganda, I attached one of the fabric flowers to one of the dresses included in the collection.
I hope one day to introduce fabric flower making as a creative activity for girls in need of support and assistance to make their lives a little bit better. 

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