Friday, 6 April 2012

Status of my Shorts Marathon

When I launched the drive for 55 pairs of shorts last Wed, the 28th of March, the following day I decided to sew 2 pairs of shorts every night for the next ten nights. I had pre-cut the three bundles of fabrics I was going to use. Eight nights have passed and I have two more nights to go (tonight and tomorrow night) and this is what I have got.

Five pairs of shorts 
and 18 pre-cut fabrics.
And there is no way I will be able to catch up sewing all 20 by tomorrow night. What to do!

Well, at least I still have pre-cut fabrics to sew into shorts which makes me feel better compared to nothing to sew at all. And now am off to take care of a personal cause(walking to shed off some kilos).


  1. It's very important to do things for yourself. Good on you for going walking.

  2. Yes Pam, its one thing I never miss even if am in the middle of sewing a dress.