Sunday, 29 April 2012

FY12/Week 16&17 - Dresses completed for 2 weeks by Dress A Girl Australia

I wasnt "sewing productive" this time. Here are the dresses and pairs of shorts I have completed the past two weeks. Three dresses and six pairs of shorts only for 14 days. The public holiday in the middle of the week last week wasnt of much help.
The five pairs of shorts are the last of the pre-cut fabrics for this particular material. I contributed an additional three T-shirt dresses to the Dress A Girl with Hopeful Threads which brings my total to six, two more than I had originally planned to make. I wish I could have made more but the pairs of shorts were more of a priority for my time in case I got short with my allocation for India. Fortunately I received all the pledged donations and received more than I expected. The fabrics used for the skirt section of the Tshirt dresses came from fabrics donated by Claudine Long. The fabric for the pillowcase dress came from my personal collection. T-shirts were donated by i-craft i-sew.

In case some of you are wondering why I am sewing dresses and pairs of shorts regularly, I am collecting dresses and shorts for the disadvantaged children around the world, to let each of them own at least one dress for they deserve to own at least one.

If you want to join me in this journey of making a difference in this world through dresses and pairs of shorts and want more information about this campaign, please send an email to

Thank you in advance and thank you to the donors who made these items possible.

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