Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shorts from donated fabrics FY12 #8 - from Becs Bags, Erin & Katherine

'sp'egg'tacular easter charity drive #1'. Here comes the first batch of shorts for the boys sent in by Katherine Nott. The first 10 pairs of shorts which will be included in the count for the charity drive for 55 pairs of shorts.
Fabrics used for these shorts were donated by Becs Bags, Erin from Canberra and from Katherine's collection. What a great way to start counting and see if Dress A Girl Australia has met its goal of 55 pairs. A number of the shorts that would be collected from the drive will be included in the 'India' collection and the remaining ones will be allocated for a collection I have started for Uganda and soon Kenya.

Katherine, thank you so much for sewing the shorts in such a short notice and once again, thank you to Becs Bags and Erin for the fabric materials donated.

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