Sunday, 15 April 2012

FY12/Week 15 - Dresses completed for the week by Dress A Girl Australia

Here are the dresses and pairs of shorts I have completed during the week. The Monday of the long Easter weekend helped me make 4 T-shirt dresses, 2 pillowcase dresses and 2 pairs of shorts.

The pillowcase dresses and 2 pairs of shorts are from fabrics I bought from a sale. When I saw this fabric two weeks ago, two words came to mind. Uganda and Africa. With the colour combination of the material, I thought it would look great on little girls in Africa and/or Uganda I had to buy it. I bought the last five metres available for $12.00 and looking at what I have sewn I have no regrets. Not everyone may like the bright colours but hey, making dresses are supposed to be fun and colours help too and I love it!
The T-shirt dresses are a combination of donations from 'i-craft i-sew' who donated a couple of dozens of T-shirts and the materials for the skirts are from fabrics I received from anonymous donors also from last year. They are remnants from fabrics that were pre-cut into pillowcase dress kits by my sister earlier in the month. With Dress A Girl Australia, nothing goes to waste.
I had included the pillowcase dresses in Hopeful Threads' "April 2012 Dress A Girl with Hopeful Threads" global project of 100 dresses since the fabric is a new donation to Dress A Girl Australia and would add value to the project since the 2 dresses have not been included in any count at all nor included in any forecasted or projected number of dresses to be included in a collection. 

As usual no how-to's but just information as to what I have accomplished during the last week. Thank you to 'i-craft i-sew' for the T-shirts and the 2011 anonymous donors for the fabric materials.

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