Saturday, 21 April 2012

Donation Acknowledgements FY2012 #35 - Dresses from Sew Delicious

'Dress A Girl with Hopeful Threads #2' The third name on the list of donation acknowledgements and the second set of dresses made and contributed to Hopeful Threads' Dress A Girl with Hopeful Threads global project is from Roslyn of Sew Delicious from Preston Victoria.

When I saw the dresses the first thing that came to mind was I wish the recipients of these two dresses would be girl twins. Wouldnt these look great on them? 
To Roslyn of Sew Delicious, thank you so much for the twin dresses. I really hope that it would be a pair of twins who will get to receive these dresses. Thank you. Your effort is much appreciated.

The Hopeful Threads' Dress A GIrl with Hopeful Threads is still going on and stronger each day until the end of April. If you wish to join, please visit Hopeful Threads site for more details. Would love to receive more dresses from this global project. If globalization does not seem to be working in the business environment, it definitely is working in the crafting world of handmades. Globalizing for the good of the world - sewing for disadvantaged children around the world. 

So come one...come all... and join in the fun of making dresses for the less fortunate children around the world. Thank you in advance!

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